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CTMeContracts for Active REALTORS® - Yearly Subscription

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by CTM SoftwareN/A
Rating: 1/5
Interactive Digital Real Estate Contracts
  • Contracts are interactive, email the contracts only one time--even if there are changes, there is no need to email them again.
  • Sign / Initial contracts online just with the mouse or use mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android) without having to download and install an app.
  • Management Tools, Order title, Home Warranty, Insurance, Inspection just with a click
  • Sign PDF Documents with CTMeContracts Signature Technology
  • Clients database, create labels, letters, set reminders
  • Seller & Buyer can complete documents online
  • eCalendar, email real time transaction calendar to your clients.
  • Contract deadlines tracking management, receive contract deadlines email notifications or install our Outlook plug-in and automatically receive deadlines in your Outlook calendar
  • Auto-dating deadlines
  • Team member and transaction coordinator access 
Click here to purchase CTMeContracts from CTM Software's Website.
Annual subscription.  REALTORS® $258 for new eContracts subscription for the first year, with automatic renewal at $312 the following year.
*Please fill requested fields before adding to Cart.
Price Available on Registration Form
CTMeContracts is a Web-based software application designed to create and write interactive digital real estate contracts online. Contracts are interactive; this means that participants can receive contracts through an email link without logging in, and can sign/initial with the mouse (mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android can be used without having to download and install an app). Real estate agents email the contracts only one time--even if there are changes, there is no need to email them again because the software is interactive and reflects real time contract data. Real estate agents and clients can be online in different locations and make changes to the contract, and these changes are reflected instantly. CTMeContracts eliminates paper completely from the process, speeds up the process of participants signing and completing contracts, and eliminates the need of having faxes back and forth. Redundant communications are eliminated, and no PDF conversion is required. 

CTMeContracts also includes powerful Management Tools containing an eCalendar that can track and manage real estate transaction deadlines, Outlook Plug-In, Client Databases, Document Management, Order Title, Home Warranty, Insurance and Inspection services Electronically, Auto-Dating Contract Deadlines, Sign PDF Documents with CTMeContracts Signature Technology, Email Documents to docs Management, Save All Docs - Files to CD, eContact Sheet and Team Member & Transaction Coordinator Access.
CTMeContracts is an online software application and user only need to get internet access.
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CTMeContracts license agreement is for one year.

Customer will have instant access to the product online after they complete the sign up process. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee